About EmSociety

EmSociety is a subscription based financial literacy platform that specialises in US equities and Exchange-traded funds (ETF).

We aim to empower our community with knowledge and strategies to confidently invest the financial markets by bring learning opportunities right at our users' fingertips.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to EMPOWER societies and UPLIFT people's financial well-being within local communities.
We aim to become the leading advocator of financial literacy for societies through collaborations and relentless outreach.

By providing easy and affordable access to financial and investment knowledge, we aspire to create a diverse and vibrant community that can learn and grow together with us.

Our Story

We believe our financial fate should not be decided by the lottery of life.
This platform is launched to empower people to break out of our financial rat race and end the cycle of rising cost of living and stagnant wages.
We want money to work for us, and not we work for money.
Hence, we started EmSociety to give people and their families a leg up in their life journey, just like how we had the privilege to receive help and mentorship from countless people.

This idea was born when we had numerous friends seeking us for help and advice regarding investments because they did not have the time and resources to learn and monitor the financial markets. Using our strategies, we felt we could reach out to and benefit more people.
Because education is at the core, this platform is designed to show transparency of our investment decisions of each of the carefully hand-picked stock and Exchanged-Traded Funds (ETFs), providing the rationale and explanations catering to different unique risk profiles.

The investment and trading strategies adopted has been tested across 10 years of experience.
Our purpose is to educate our subscribers to maximize returns in
both bullish and bearish conditions at minimal cost.

Across the 10 years of investment and trading, through technical analytics measuring data across several economic cycles, we now aim to break the myth to accept "The Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy" as a risk management tool advocated by large institutions, because there are more effective ways to maximize earnings other than allowing short term volatility to be neutralised over a long investment period.
We believe that accumulating the best stocks using the right method, coupled with right timing and right guidance is the best way to maximizing your profits.

Join us on our journey towards financial inclusion and freedom!

Founders of EmSociety