Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EmSociety all about?
EmSociety is a subscription based financial literacy platform that focuses on US equities and ETFs. Our mission is to empower societies and uplift people’s financial well-being by providing easy and affordable access to financial and investment knowledge.

A key and unique feature of our financial education packages is our "LIVE" demonstrations. Users of the Silver Vault, Emplify and Veloce packages will receive periodic invitations for our "LIVE" demonstrations either by SMS or email. User can then log on to their accounts and watch us demonstrate our investment techniques in real time. In addition to SMS and email alerts, commentary and explanations of investment decisions undertaken during these "LIVE" demonstrations. We believe that users will feel empowered and gain confidence by seeing the principles and techniques being applied to a real-life trading environment.
2. What are the 3 different packages offered by EmSociety?
We believe that everyone has unique circumstances, goals and dreams. Hence, EmSociety offers 3 different packages that are designed to bring our users the knowhow to achieve those dreams. They are Silver Vault, Emplify & Veloce.

They are designed with the objectives of (i) diversification; (ii) amplification; (iii) acceleration respectively.

It doesn’t end there. Our users will also have the autonomy to choose a different or multiple packages to complement their financial objectives.

For more information on our programs, please refer to
3. How is EmSociety different from others?
Beyond our affordable & accessible subscription rates, we aim to empower our users with knowledge & guidance so that they can work towards financial freedom.

EmSociety believes that good investment strategies is not only about identifying the right stock or ETF to invest in but also the right timing to enter the investment. With the spread of algorithmic trading, many investors are relying on machines to determine their trades.

However, we feel that human touch matters when it comes to interpreting data. Learn the skills to analyze and interpret the available data to determine the best trades based on your investment style.

Investing can & should be simple. On top of training materials & occasional master classes, we will share with users our knowledge & reasons for every single opportunity alert. This is our commitment and passion to empower our users and the society at large.
4. Do I need to deposit any funds with EmSociety to invest with?
No, you don’t have to. EmSociety is a financial literacy education provider and not a financial institution. We do not manage our users’ funds nor give financial advice. Should you require advice on any particular stock or investment strategy, you should seek your own professional advice and be fully aware of the risks before making any investments.

Investing can be a risky activity and you should use a broker that best suits your needs and risk appetite. We think it is very sensible to go with a broker that is covered by brokerage account insurance of at least $75,000 as well as having a stop loss function to manage the risks if you choose to do short term trades.
5. What are the fees associated with EmSociety?
To achieve our mission to empower societies and uplift people’s financial well-being, we strongly believe in transparency & affordability.

The only fee to consider is our monthly subscription for your preferred package. Be rest assured that there are no management fees or any other hidden clauses.

We offer 2 pricing plans for subscriptions, Monthly or 6-Month plans, whereby you can enjoy a discounted rate when you commit to join us in this journey for 6 months. All subscription rates will be charged on a recurring basis to your preferred card every month or every 6 months depending on your plan.

*All rates listed on our website are denominated in Singapore Dollars
6. How can I open my account with EmSociety?
Getting started with us is very simple with 3 easy steps.

1. Choose the package that best suits your investing style.

2. Choose from our very affordable price plans. Our current price plans are a monthly fee or a 6-month plan. In fact, our users may even choose to create a bundle of 2 programs at a special discounted rate.

3. Simple create an account with us by providing us with your details and completing your payment.
7. Can I change my package after sign up?
Yes, you are definitely allowed to change your package. We understand that priorities may change with time and you can change your package simply by going to your settings after you have logged in.

Please take note that any changes will be reflected in the next payment cycle. Thank you for your understanding and help in allowing us to serve you better.
8. Can I cancel my membership with EmSociety?
We are sad to see you leave our community but we understand that everyone has different circumstances. Cancellation of your membership can be done easily by accessing your settings.

Within your account, you can choose to stop all future recurring payments and your account will be automatically deactivated prior to the start of your next billing cycle.

In order for us to better serve you while keeping our rates low or at a discounted price, we do not refund any membership fees or if you forget to cancel your membership before your billing cycle ends. This is similar to any subscription services such as gym or wellness memberships and we seek your kind understanding.

You can check your billing cycle date by going to your account page. If you have any questions about when you will be billed, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].