Making Financial Freedom
Accessible for Everyone

Bringing learning opportunities right at your fingertips. Empowering you with knowledge and strategies to confidently invest the financial markets.

Your financial fate should not be
decided by the lottery of life

Everyone deserves to have access to financial empowerment and freedom.

We do understand most people find it a real challenge to access the world of financial investment. We all fear the unknown and this is legitimate. That’s why we have created this affordable and highly accessible platform to bridge the knowledge gap and to bring vital investment knowhow and strong financial education to all.

So, how can good ACCESSIBILITY benefit you?

How can good accessibility benefit you?

It is about training your eye to spot good opportunities at the right time.

Finding the right opportunities

A smart and savvy investor uses fundamental research & professional trading strategies to identify the right opportunities.

At EmSociety, we use precise technical charting methodology to identify our investment opportunities and we explain each step that we take to make it easy for you to learn and put into practice.

How it works

Choose the package that best suits your investment style

Choose from our very affordable price plans

Empower yourself towards financial freedom for just a small monthly fee!

Benefits of partnering with us

Master Class

Dedicated training content & masterclasses designed to empower investors for their journey towards financial freedom

Email and SMS

Receive notifications via email and SMS to join us for “LIVE” demonstrations and commentaries

Precise Reasons

Learn the precise reasons for all our entries and exits

Portfolio Dashboard

Access interactive dashboards designed for full transparency

It is about affordability.


Not everything has to be expensive and we believe costs should not hinder anyone from receiving a good financial education.

Our mission is to reach out to as many as possible to help improve their financial well-being.

How Affordable?

Low Monthly Subscription Fee

Low monthly subscription rates from as little as S$25.00

No major upfront course fees required

No major upfront course fees required

Learn New Skills

Learn new investment skills to maximize returns at the same time

It is about gaining strong financial education.

Financial Education

We strongly believe everyone should have access to financial education so that people can make sound financial decisions and shape their future.

Learn through our portal and events and put your newfound skills into practice.

Get started now!

Getting Started

Learning Your Way To A Better Future

At EmSociety, we believe that investing should be accessible for all. It should be easy and affordable. Check out our 3 packages now!