13 Apr 2021, 15:37

To many investors, predicting where the stock market would go to is their main bread and butter. And correctly predicting exactly where it would go serves as a badge of honour that gives them instant “validation” for their expertise. Yet, the stock market is a dynamic world which operates almost independently from the real world. How could anyone predict where the stock market would go to with 100% accuracy?

Every teacher is also human. He has his flaws. Even this teacher here has read the tea leaves incorrectly before. We certainly could not anticipate how strong the stock market could rebound after the Black Swan Crash in March. Therefore, we concluded that rather than waste our precious moments guessing where the stock market could go to in the future, it would be much wiser to just accept the stock market as our Master and let it lead us to wherever it wants to flow.

Ultimately, it is not us, as teachers and tiny individuals, who set the direction of the stock market but the Big Whales and the other players who decide where it should go. However, do not fear as the stock market will churn out clues for you as hints where it would want to go. It is for you to decide how you want to make use of these clues when they appear in front of you. Which is why we want to teach you as much as possible these clues (fundamental and technical analysis) about the stock market.

In the current climate, rather than questioning why does the stock market still rise up when Covid-19 is still lurking around, just be an observer. Detach yourself from the negative noise generated by the media and make your decisions based on facts that these clues bring to us. For as long as the Big Whales wants the stock market to rise, it will rise. If the Whales want them to fall, stocks will fall. Just follow the clues and be accepting of where the stock market wants to flow to with no judgement. Set up your stop losses as your safety net and you may be able to get to your destination safe and sound.  

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